Homeschoolers in Delaware are eligible to take Driver Education one time at the state expense, provided they meet certain criteria. Any agency providing this service is permitted to charge a small registration fee which is not covered by the state, typically around $25-35. Driver’s Ed consists of a classroom portion and a driving portion; passing both will earn a student a “blue certificate” which allows the student to go to the DMV and collect their graduated driver’s license without the need for a further road test. The stipulations and limitations on young drivers are explained during Driver’s Ed and by the DMV; driving privileges increase gradually over time.

Be prepared to provide a current report card (see the template below, or create your own) and a copy of your enrollment confirmation letter from the DOE. Students must be at least age 15 1/2 and in the 10th grade in order to sign up for driver’s ed.

Delaware Department of Education Page on Driver Education

Delaware DMV Graduated Driver’s License Explanation

Delaware Administrative Code Regulating Driver Education

Driver’s Ed programs available